The ceiling is the limit

Do you believe your current circumstances

limit God?

Do not be too quick to answer that you do not.  Whether we realize it or not, our faith is often restricted under just such a ceiling. 

A ceiling is an overhead surface seen from a lower plane by looking up.  When we consider what God can do or will ask us to do, while looking at our current situation, we restrict our faith.  Our faith can go no higher than the ceiling this limited view sets.      


Looking at things from the natural realm deals a deathblow to overcoming faith. God is ... God dwells in an eternal dimension.  He is not limited by time; He is not limited to the measure of what currently exists in the dimension of time.

For example, you find yourself at a stage in life where you feel hemmed in.  Demands on your time are totally outside of your control, or so you believe, and that is what is important.  If you had no constraint, you could envision many possibilities.  However, alas you cannot dream, you cannot be creative, and you cannot hear God.

You may ask what this has to do with hearing God.  The truth is that if you opened up your heart to hear Him, He may ask you to do something that you just know you cannot obey.  After all, your circumstances have you bound. Thus, you close yourself off from hearing God. 

This mindset blocks the flow of life in you.  Without the creative life of God flowing out from your innermost being, you grow stagnant.  Left in this state long enough, depression and hopelessness will set in.   

Circumstances can often blind us.  We believe they limit God!  It does not occur to us that if He tells us to do something, we can do it.  Jesus told His disciples to go in the boat to the other side of the sea.  There was no question to Jesus they would get there.  When a storm arose, however, they doubted and were afraid.  Jesus rebuked them for their unbelief.

How many areas are there in our lives where we believe it is impossible?  We measure our circumstances from the natural realm and thus cannot rise up in faith. 


What God creates and oversees does not bind Him.  Nothing limits Him.  He is GOD for heaven’s sake! 

The next time a mountain of impossibility stands before you, remember that God dwells on a different plane.  He enters the situation with limitless possibilities.  Nothing will thwart His plans.  

He has a plan for you for good and not for evil, for a future and a hope. He has the power to cause all things to work together for your good.ii 

Add a dash of faith to this, shake well, and come out from under that ceiling! It is time to stop believing...

The ceiling is the limit!


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[i] Jer 29:11

[ii] Rom 8:28

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