SHOE EXCHANGE ... a cure for judgment

It is easy to judge right and wrong, until you walk in someone else's shoes . . . 


There are times and there are times ... Several times in my 37 years of walking with the Lord, I have experienced what I would call times! 

One of those times covered a period spanning many months.  Anyone following the decisions I made, based on the leading of the Lord, would have concluded that I missed it on every front.  Toward the end, I too struggled to understand the unfavorable outcomes. 

God, however, was bringing me through a fiery ordeal for His purposes.  God was delivering me!  He delivered from a mindset that limited.  It opened the way for His plans and purposes in a much greater way. 

When it was over, I had come full circle, back to the beginning.  I was standing in the same building in which I heard the word that began the journey.  The word was, what makes you think that I did not call you here to help usher in revival. 

The only difference was, I now

owned the building!

At the time that God spoke that word, I pictured helping the ministry that was resident there.  God had other plans. 

The word of the Lord that launched the events fully came to pass.  It did not look like anything that I thought it would look like.  Even the word to help usher in revival had a  different outcome than my view at the time. 

For my part, helping usher in revival has led me into deeper places in the spirit to learn more of prayer and intercession.  It also involved providing a safe place of learning for others.

Keep in mind that sometimes the fire we go through is for our deliverance from the systems of man and the mindsets that

limit God!

On another occasion, I believe that everyone in the Christian brotherhood would have said I was wrong.  They did not understand the spiritual battle that was occurring.  However, the results ultimately proved otherwise. There was breakthrough, deliverance, and greater ministry that came about for the parties involved.

The plans of the Lord in both cases worked out, albeit over a relatively long period.  It required continual dependence, action, faith, prayer, and a refusal to move unless I clearly recognized God's direction. 


Need I say that this was an intense battle? 

Thankfully, God provided both faithful and mature prayer companions along the way.

Are you one who is in such a battle?  Settle yourself on the rock, who is Christ Jesus Himself.  Continue to seek Him, for He is faithful.  Keep your heart open to move when you sense His leading.  Move with God, even if it  brings you into conflict with your current belief system. 

Sometimes what we believe is in conflict with the truth.  As we place our trust totally in the Holy Spirit’s ability to lead and guide, He will bring us into greater revelation.  The process, however, can be anything but comfortable. 

Listen to the faithful companions He brings alongside of you.  You may not be able to see the forest for the trees ... but they have a different vantage point. 

God is faithful to bring you through to His end.  As you consider a companion's input, especially a mature praying believer, be careful to stay in prayer from a neutral position. A neutral position is one that is willing to change, release, or turn in another direction when you recognize that change is necessary.

Let us all consider a shoe exchange before we jump to judgment.


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