Just the facts ma'am...

All we want are the facts ma'am

said detective Joe Friday.i


There was nothing else to consider, just the facts.
  Perhaps we need to follow his lead and keep our eye out for the facts...

Fact, faith, and feeling are like three men walking along the top of a wall.

As long as faith keeps his eyes on fact ahead of him all three keep walking.

However, when faith takes his eyes off fact and turns around to worry about how feeling is doing, both faith and feeling fall off the wall. (Fact never does.)

Without the facts, faith is impossible.  Taking your eyes off of the facts subjects you to many other emotions (feelings).  Hope, wishful thinking, and fear come to mind.


A discourse starting with What I believe... is often followed by a mixture of thoughts, opinions, and reasoning. It may have started from the facts, but has evolved into personal opinion.  You cannot anchor your faith on mixture or opinion, even if it is your own!

In our hunger for knowledge, we must be careful to keep the facts straight.  If we go out searching without a solid foundation in the facts of the faith, things will get messy,  It is like rolling downhill through piles of lint in a black suit.  You are going to pick up all kinds of undesirable things. 

In a sermon I heard recently on the internet, a wise pastor spoke of such things.  He stated something to the effect that, if you are a leader, you needed to be reading many things to know what is out there.  However, if you are not thoroughly grounded in the faith, you had best not venture out into the information highways of today. 

Let us all do a fact check.  What are the facts that form the foundation of your faith?  In the process you may discover that you are in strong need of a lint roller!

Sure up your foundation and your faith.  Before considering new insight, whether your own or that of other people, start with...


Just the facts ma'am (or sir)

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[i] Dragnet television drama era 1950


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