Eyes wide open

Do you desire to perceive beyond the natural? 

Do you desire to see into the unseen?


There have been many seers throughout the centuries.  There are many who have pursued hidden arts — psychics, magicians, sorcerers, and various other spiritual seekers.  In our day, the pursuit of hidden knowledge has greatly increased. 

The Old Testament gives examples and warnings of many such practices.  In the days of Moses, the magicians brought forth many of the same signs and wonders that God instructed Moses to perform... that is, up to a certain point!i

Up to a certain point, the souls of men and their magic arts can produce wonders.  They can perceive into the unseen. 


The realm of the spirit is a vast realm.  Searching inquirers have and ever will be pressing in, seeking knowledge and understanding.  On their own, their power and access is limited.

Do you desire to perceive what lies behind and beyond this natural realm?  Do you wonder about the unseen forces operating behind the scenes?  If so, you must to come into life in and by the Spirit of God.  That life changes your perspective.  It takes you behind the things of life.  It sheds light on the unseen plans and forces at work. 

True spiritual sight calls us into action.  We respond to the Spirit of God in obedience to His leading.  He governs and constrains us. 

It is only as we follow the Holy Spirit, the spirit of truth, that we will come into true spiritual perception.

When natural sight governs our perception, we respond out of duty, responsibility, affection, and the like.  Human interests and cultural expectations motivate our actions.  Human thought and emotion constricts and restrains, inhibiting our ability to obey the Holy Spirit's leading. 


The difficult road. . .

Alas, following the leading of the Spirit often brings us into conflict.  Are we inadvertently choosing to be deaf and blind to the Holy Spirit because it is easier to go with the flow?  There is another aspect to consider . . .

To live consigned to natural sight and allegiance to its constraints is BORING!


God created us for greatness. 

God is faithful (reliable, trustworthy, and therefore ever true to His promise, and He can be depended on); by Him you were called into companionship and participation with His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.ii

His desire is for those who, having trained on this earth, are prepared to reign with Him.  If we suffer (with Him), we shall also reign with Him.iii

The spirit of this world constantly seeks to blind us with all that glitters.  Pay no mind to the fact that at the same time it works to enslave and crush.  It works to blind men to God's desired end.  That end is that those who go on in the companionship of His Son, who press through to its ultimate fulfillment, will reign with Him.   

Are you tired of the light reflected from the sparkling ball of the world?  Have you come to the place of seeing the illusion it creates?  On the other hand, you may be one who has only felt the crush of its blows to keep you down and knock you out.  Either process has the same end in mind . . . captivity!


Time for a revolt

It is time to declare war!  There needs to be an insurrection.  This insurrection is not against the established government of this world.  It is against anything within or without that keeps you from a total pursuit of Christ. 

Need I name names?  Perhaps just a few hints on where to look will help.  Consider what you fear, whose approvals you seek and while you are at it, let us not forget your soul's desire to be right and maintain an image. 

You ask, is the journey long and the battle fierce?  I ask – can you attain anything of worth without struggle?  What can be greater than attaining what God promises to those who overcome the things of this world?

Through many different endeavors and challenges, men and women strive to overcome.  There is inherent within humankind the desire to conquer.  Although our chosen challenges vary in degrees, they are there nonetheless. 

Let us be those who recognize the source of that desire.  Let us be those with whose eyes are open to our God given calling and respond to Him with...


Eyes wide open!

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[i] Exodus 7-8

[ii] 1 Cor 1:9 Amp

[iii] Rom 8:17


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