Every life has a story . . .

Every life has a story . . .

Every story is part of a journey

Every journey has a destination

Once upon a time, is the beginning of many tales.  There is a once upon a time beginning for us all.  There is a God given, God desired destination for us all as well. 

The story of man started in the Garden.  The story of man ends in the book of Revelation. 

In-between is my story and your story.

The Holy Spirit is like a heavenly GPS.  A natural GPS recalculates the directions when you miss a turn or encounter a road closure.

The heavenly GPS guide, however, may not take you around a barricade.  You may in fact find yourself right in the middle of a de-construction zone!

It is at just such a place that my journey took an unexpected turn.


A point in time

There I sat.  The chair was so comfortable and I was tired.  As the speaker expounded on God's purpose, plan, and involvement in marriage, I fell asleep.  I really believed God had little or nothing to do with this world, let alone my life or marriage.   

It was a nice weekend retreat, end of story, or so I thought.  Several weeks later the call came.  The phone rang, an invitation extended.

Then The Call came!  The invitation extended.  I was in a different chair, a different setting, and positioned for a dramatic encounter.


Every life has a story.

 Every story is part of a journey.

 Every journey has a destination.

The journey has a theme.  When the road branches out or turns, recognizing the theme gives us assurance.  It empowers and encourages us to press forward.  The theme of my journey was stamped in its very beginnings.

The journey has a destination.  God's desired destination weaves us into His greater plan.  We are like a thread of gold woven in among many other threads.

The journey has a course.  God directs our course by His providence.  He intends to teach us something of Himself.  It  is one of His means of releasing grace to others in the natural and in the spirit. 

As in our physical body, each part has a specific part to play.  Each part interworks with the whole.  It is so in the body of Christ also.  

My journey has led me to two understandings.  First, it led to an understanding of my gifting.

The journey has produced a considerable file cabinet of experiences. 

Over the years, the Holy Spirit has drawn examples from these to give individuals present time knowledge.  It is, in part, knowledge of where they are, what they need, or a clearer perspective of the path of their journey.  Spirit given wisdom and knowledge empowers as nothing else can.

It has also produced an increased awareness and understanding of the works of darkness. 

Second, my journey has and is bringing a greater awareness of God's ultimate purpose for us all.  His eternal purpose is the revelation of Jesus Christ. 

This is the God given, God desired destination for us all.  It is that we may be part of the cosmic revelation of Christ.  It is that we become a part of the all, which will sum up everything.  All things consummated in His Son.i

Using samplings from my life's story, I hope to encourage you to consider your own journey.  My hope is that the Holy Spirit will shed light that no mere words can.  That He will illuminate the path before you. 

That together, our joined light will illuminate the path for many others.  That through this, the journey, and destination will be clear for all, for . . .


Every life has a story!


*For a free on-line school, free PDF books written by Barb and more information on walking and living in the Spirit go to Midway Ministries

[i] Eph 1:10; 3:9-11

Photo by Erdmute


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