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Warfare Guide for Cosmic Travel

Part fact - Part allegory

Realities of the Spiritual Realm


Fictitious do or die Dora has a problem, but she may not know it.  She loves the Lord and wants more of God.  In that pursuit, she has chosen this elective of discipline, and has arrived at the entrance to The Great Room.

Dora is more of a Martha than a Mary.  She measures success by what she accomplishes each day.  If she does not meet her own internal standard, she struggles with frustration, condemnation, and sometimes torment. 

Has she done enough for God?  Has she read her Bible and prayed enough?  Has she taken time for others? 

She’s tried setting goals to get things accomplished.  She’s prayed and asked God what she is to do.  He only shows her a few things.  In Dora’s mind that can’t be right.  Doesn’t God know how many tasks she has to get done?

Dora’s day is split into time intervals.  Noon, three o’clock, and six o’clock, are marked designations.  If certain things are not accomplished at the stroke of the hour, she is certain it is over.  She has failed. 

What would happen if God asked her to spend lengthy times with Him?  How would she get everything done?  She trembles at the thought!

One of her biggest struggles is the fear she is not hearing God.  She vacillates from day to day.  One day believing she heard and obeyed, the next day questioning that she really did.  Dora believes this is her biggest problem.

Dora is trying from every direction to resolve her dilemma.  Try as she may to order her time, the problem remains.

God in His sovereignty has placed her in a ministry that requires time.  This exasperates her frustration, pushing it to the surface.

Tangible things place a greater demand on her than the spiritual work.  Martha rules Mary.  The doer rules over the spiritual. 


Dora enters The Great Room

As Dora’s preparation for The Great Room, she sought God for the area of discipline that He required of her. 

Dora is controlled by duty, responsibility, and the need to prove her worth.  Because of this, God has directed Dora’s steps to bring her into conflict with her internal control.

God wants her to surrender the control she holds over her time and her accomplishments. 

Dora’s efforts to order her time have not resolved the problem. The root of the problem lies in the fact that her self-worth is based in accomplishments.  It needs to be based in her identification with Christ.

The problem intensifies with her propensity to divide the natural and the spiritual.  That division forces her to relegate value.  How can she measure the value of spiritual activities, many of which are the often unseen?

The second problem, her inability to be sure she is hearing God, is also rooted in control.  IF she could be sure, then she would know exactly what to DO.  Once again, it is a performance-based measurement.    

Control blocks revelation.  Thus, her control presents a real dilemma.  It is like a wheel spinning in mud; it only sinks her deeper and deeper.

To take on the seeming mountain before her, Dora is instructed to take one small measure each day.  She is to take one hour of the day and do with it whatever the Holy Spirit directs.  The instruction could be sitting, cleaning, or running an errand.  The goal is to hear and obey the Holy Spirit.

This exercise is to help Dora break her control over herself.


Next, we meet Blind Betty who is about to be surprised by sight!


This is part 9 in the series – Warfare Guide for Cosmic Travel


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